Another “Eastern Conference for Workplace Democracy” Story

A Kenneth Perspective:

A few weeks ago I got the opportunity to go to the Eastern Conference for Workplace Democracy. I kept going back and forth on deciding if I should go because I was about to move into my new house, but I felt like it would be worth my while. I’ve been at the Grill for two years and a member for one. I do not have much experience with collectives outside of the Grill so this was a great chance to see what is going on in the world with other collectives and see how they run things.

I had an amazing time. I met so many nice people. It was great to be around so many people who understand the joys and struggles of working in a collective. At the Grill, it is easy to get caught up in your on and off shift work. Sometimes there isn’t much time left over to talk about being a collective and what that means to you and the business. But this weekend that’s all I had time for.

I attended a few workshops and it was very insightful learning how other collectives work and meeting the people from them. As interesting as the workshops were, the thing I enjoyed the most was meeting and chatting with another restaurant collective, Casa Nueva. I was able to ask questions from people in the same field as myself. I walked away from that meeting with an important word. That word is accountability. At times we at the grill, lack when it comes to accountability. I learned some great tools that could help build structure around our accountability.

I’m excited for the energy I received after going to the conference. Overall a wonderful and inspiring weekend!


One response to “Another “Eastern Conference for Workplace Democracy” Story

  1. Hi Kenneth,

    I have a partner who has eaten at ur restaurant several times now. I was in Shenendoah Thanksgiving week and I had planned on eating there and it did not work out. I was sad.

    I am very interested on what you learned about accountability at your conference and more about how the collective functions.

    Our company is in consulting but struggles with the exact same issues of accountability. And standing up a collective type organization in the consulting industry is quite interesting.


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