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Meet Tim… And Our Official Name

“That’s right, I’m over it. I’ll spew my senseless drivel all over the web, and I’m not even sorry for those foolish enough to read it.”-Tim


A Tim Perspective:


What is in a name? The name on our “birth certificate,” aka articles of incorporation is The Little Grill Cooperative. In Virginia, and many other states, the use of the word “cooperative” in a business name is restricted to those entities that will file for single tax treatment with the IRS under cooperative tax law. Perhaps more importantly, the word cooperative inculcates the seven cooperative principles.

The most important of those principles to the Grill are:

* democratic control by the members

* one member one vote

* allocation of resource reserves based on the members transactions with the cooperative

Yesterday, I spent the $13 and 5 minutes at the county courthouse in the deed room filing the fictitious name registration “The Little Grill Collective” on behalf of the Little Grill Cooperative.

After getting the stroller (a 30-pounds-of-welded-steel-tubing tandem stroller that looks more like a giant tricycle) through the metal detector, and after receiving our complimentary deputy sheriff stickers for my kids, Mello and Bird, we made our way to the deed room.

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Wednesday Night Bingo

Wednesday night bingo was in full effect tonight! Just a reminder:

Every Wednesday, starting at 7:30, FREE bingo for prizes. You can win prizes like T-shirts, cookies and home-made creme brûlée!

You don’t want to miss this now, do ya?


A Recipe For Vegan Black Metal Fans!

Vegan Pad Thai, black metal style.  Enjoy:


In an interview from

The Vegan Black Metal Chef, the culinary sensation that blew everyone away last month with his devastating musical recipe for pad thai, is back at it again. And this time he’s using the flames of Satan to make three different vegan meals.

In his new YouTube instructional video, the chef, aka Brian Manowitz, serves up several blistering recipes, including his “All Star Redneck Medley” of baked beans, corn and mashed potatoes. (Sample advice: Crush the potatoes with a mace — show them no mercy.)

As Manowitz was preparing his latest vegan cooking opus — check out the pentagram cutting board! — e-mailed the Orlando, Florida, resident to find out what the whole cooking-with-the-heat-of-Satan thing was all about. What are you doing when you’re not being the Vegan Black Metal Chef?

Vegan Black Metal Chef: Zipping around the galaxy saving the human (and other) race(s) from the perils of supervillains. No seriously … I lead a little group called the Illuminati.” How did you come up with the idea of doing a vegan black-metal cooking show on YouTube?

Vegan Black Metal Chef: I was really tired with not being able to easily answer the question, “What do vegans eat?” We get asked this a lot. The answer is simple but not so simple at the same time.

What if you had no point of reference to a hot dog, hamburger or other common food? What if you had to explain in great depth the food for people so they could understand what you are talking about? All of the sudden this question becomes more difficult.

We can’t just say, “I eat broccoli and chickpeas and onions, etc.” It has to be given in whole meal ideas. I wanted to just say, “Watch the videos!”

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